Meet Adriana

You Are Here Because...

Are you in a career you love but in a company that lacks upward mobility? Do you want to work at a company that offers you more work-life balance, or better yet, life-work that order? Stuck in a career you chose at a different time in your life that no longer suits you or life you want to lead now?

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. My name is Adriana Azuri and I am the career strategist, resume and professional marketing collateral writer that is going to catapult you into the next challenging and exciting role or career. With some help from you, the expert on YOU, digging into what motivates you out of bed in the morning, going through your unique career achievements, examining your fears and planning how to meet those bright goals ahead, we will work on elevating your  professional brand and position you on the road that YOU want to travel.

Feel comfortable in that you will only work with me…Some agencies will subcontract out your resume and you won’t know who is creating your resume or marketing products. If you choose to work with me, you will get me in person or on the other end of the phone, through email and even Skype… I will create all of your professionally branded job marketing materials to bring out your true value proposition.

Why Do I Need a Resume Writer?

I can do it myself…Why do I need to hire a resume writer?  In our hurry to apply for a job posting or turn over our resume to a recruiter, we jot down our career history as quickly as we can, doing a "brain dump." And in doing so, we miss the most crucial aspect, nailing the resume! There is a common misconception that the resume will get you the job, but in reality, the purpose of the resume is to get you the INTERVIEW. Your role is to use it to sell yourself into that job. Hiring a professional resume writer will pos ition your career achievements, bring out your value proposition and brand it in a polished, professional way that takes you from the resume pile to the call pile.

What I Bring

I bring career strategies and solutions to today’s high-power Executives, innovative IT and Technology Leaders, Business Professionals, Medical Providers as well as those across all business and government sectors. By collaborating with me, you’ll gain a keen, competitive edge leveraging your expertise and my ability to win clients interviews at industry leaders such as AT&T, Ernst & Young, PwC, IBM, as well as high-ranked government agencies like the CIA, NSA, and DoD, among others. I am excited every day to learn about my clients and passionate about positioning them in the best light to get them the interview. I do that by:

  • Writing powerful, personally branded and keyword rich resumes, market tailored cover letters and trendsetting marketing collateral – Branded Profile - positioning you for your optimal, next role.
  • Marketing you through a branded, SEO LinkedIn profile, getting you discovered from LinkedIn and other target-rich communication tools.
  • Conducting deep-level, personalized interviews to truly know and understand the person and the professional, drawing from your story and understanding your future personal and professional goals…and bridge the gap.
  • Analyzing your professional and personal history, leveraging your measurable career accomplishments, expertise level, and transferable skills to create YOUR value proposition.
  • Coaching you step-by-step through career transitions or for those in academia transferring into the business market.