Client Endorsements

Some feedback from my past clients:

To say I am satisfied with Adriana’s work to shape my resume is an understatement. She not only shaped it, she sculpted it. If I could sum up Adriana’s work on my resume in one word, it would just be AWESOME! If you are looking for help to refresh your resume and to ensure your credentials are presented concisely, professionally and legitimately, look no further than Adriana. She cuts through the excess, eliminates the redundant, polishes the important, brings out the elegance, and of course sculpts it to suit your needs. Adriana’s process glides you through a process of refining your resume in a manner that immediately elevates your professional profile, and leaves you with a full understanding of how to keep it at that level going forward. Nice of her, but Nah! I will contact her again and recommend my friends and family to stay on the winning side! Get help; Contact Adriana; Feel relevant!
Ashok S., Vice President of Software Research & Development

I recently worked with Adriana in improving my personal marketing materials (resume, cover letter etc) Working with Adriana was truly a pleasure and the value I received from her edits/recommendations was invaluable. Thanks again Adriana for your support and assistance!
Chris L., Project Executive, IBM

Adriana provided a fresh view of the skills, talents, and experiences I wanted to capture in my executive brand. Her writing and executive ideation experience helped me understand the value of word choice, saying the right things, and not saying too much. With Adriana’s help, I now have a brand worthy resume that provides insights while creating intrigue and questions for the reader. Questions they can call to discuss. I will recommend Adriana to my friends and to other executives.
Mike L., DM, IT Leader